Using a mix of formal education and 35+ years of professional experience, we offer confidential, customized, and sensible solutions for managing time and money.


We are more than traditional accountants; we are business leaders. Our deep network of cross-funtional, and multi-industry experts allows us to cater our services to your business.


Customized to your business, we will meet you where you are. We provide a range of action items to support your growth, improve how you spend time and money, and put you on track to long-term success. Our ramp-up process empowers you with the tools you need to succeed.


We will customize a plan based on your specific business needs. Options are available from single consultation, multiple session packages, or long-term support. Meetings are remote and scheduled based on your convenience.

Our mission is to provide custom, simple, and sensible accounting solutions to small businesses.

How Can We Help You?

Bookkeeping Services

Our bookkeeping services offer everything you need to keep your business “audit and tax ready.” We start with reviewing your Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statement to ensure the Chart of Accounts is set up correctly for your business. We reconcile all Balance Sheet accounts and offer a complete Management Package each month. Bookkeeping is best when paired with Monthly CFO services, which include a monthly review and explanation of your financial reports.

Fractional CFO Services

Large companies hire a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) to manage the financial actions of a company. They are often in charge of tracking Cash Flow, analyzing strengths/weaknesses of the company’s finances, and overseeing all aspects of its financial success. We know the importance of this role, but small business owners often don’t have the transaction volume (or the budget) for full-time support. So we created an option to solve this problem, Fractional CFO Services. Now you can have a CFO in the bite-size amounts you need. This service can be purchased on retainer or a la carte. We specialize in teaching you how to read your reports and improve your financial literacy by building Budgets, Cash Flow, and ongoing analysis. Fractional CFO Services partners well with monthly bookkeeping services.

Business Check-Up

Do you ever wonder if you (or your current Bookkeeper) are doing the right things with your books? We provide an objective analysis of financial statements, offer suggestions, and ask questions to provoke new lines of thought for the bottom and top-line strategies. When appropriate, we review habits and suggest automation or process improvements. This service is typically a quarterly or bi-annual process.

Project Management

Are you installing a new Point of Sale system, setting up payroll for the first time, or need help with a unique project? We have extensive experience managing business and accounting projects.  We are certified Project Management Professionals and will help ensure your project is managed accurately and on time.


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