Business Check-Up

Like people, companies need annual wellness check-ups. Two Sense Consulting offers small-business financial report reviews for this very reason. We offer an objective third-party perspective to look through financial statements and offer suggestions for improvement. We ask questions to provoke new lines of thought for the bottom and top-line strategies. This service is ideal for companies that have well-established processes but know the value of constant improvement and evaluation. The Two Sense Consulting business check-up will give you a new angle, perspective, and edge on how you view your financial statements and your strategy in the future.


What Makes You Tick

At Two Sense Consulting, we want to know what makes your business tick. We find value in understanding the unique elements of your business to translate it alongside our review. We want to align with your vision and goals before the business review begins. This “tick” session will allow us to use your business culture, better analyze your business, and identify useful key performance indicators (KPI), opportunities, and vulnerabilities. We want to hear about your concerns and why you’re interested in having an external review. Before we begin the business review, there must be a clear understanding of your focus and our expertise. The tick session is complete before signing a contract, before committing, for free, on us.


Step By Step Progress

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