Small Business Solutions

Do you feel queasy when you sit down to do your business financials? It’s probably strong enough that you put it off until tomorrow or next week… or it doesn’t get done at all. We understand that the pain is even with your right now as you search for a bookkeeper or accounting consultant. You don’t have time to analyze financial statements and worry that they are being done correctly. Inaccurate financial statements spell trouble for any business. They can create expensive mistakes and may mislead the management of your business.

After decades of providing pivotal analysis to large multinational companies, we decided to focus on small and medium-sized businesses. We know the way to growth is by using analytical and financial data to create a roadmap. Two Sense Consulting helps companies like yours analyze the past and present so you can build a healthy future.


Accounting Experience - 38 years
CFO Experience & Strategy - 20 years
Bookkeeping Services - 18 years
Business Development - 7 years
BBB Accredited Business


Melissa Leon

Co-Owner | MBA | PMP | Author
Melissa is a Finance and Accounting Executive, bringing over 20 years of experience driving sustainable business growth and optimizing business strategy processes.  She has worked across multiple industries and internationally.  Melissa is passionate about building high-performing teams, leadership, and maximizing every opportunity. She has broad-based expertise, including strategic planning, project management, process evaluation, contract negotiation, and business transformation. Melissa is the author of Efficiency Bitch, How Ambitious Women Can Have It All Without Doing It All.

Liann Delaney

Co-Owner | MBA
Liann is a Finance and Accounting Executive bringing more than 15 years of experience driving sustainable business growth and optimizing in dynamic markets. She has led global accounting strategies and communications, including cultural and regional sensitivity. She is passionate about process improvement, teaching and leading, and maximizing standardization efforts. She has a wide range of expertise, including strategic planning, change management, performance optimization, customer engagement, and business transformation.


TIME and money

At Two Sense Consulting, we focus on saving you time AND money.

Time is finite. We each have the same number of hours in the day and how we spend it matters.

Money touches everything. We believe it should not be on your heart but it should be on your mind.

With us, you don’t just get an accountant; you get a partner who will help you make sense of how you spend time and money.

We have your back

As a business owner, you may prefer to do your own financials – and we applaud you. But what you don’t know can cost you money. Trusting professionals to help you fill in the gaps will save you time in preparation and open your eyes to opportunities you didn’t know you were missing. Most small businesses desperately need a Chief Financial Officer or Director of Finance but can’t afford one full-time. We are the solution to that problem.


At Two Sense Consulting, we have seen it all. We have been managing large global teams for more than ten years. We know how to help you pivot at just the right time and speed for your business.


At Two Sense Consulting, we consider every angle. We offer solutions in internal controls, audit requirements, cash handling, and inventory management. We are 360-degree business development consultants who will review every angle of your business to ensure you have the best outcome every time. Integrity is at the core of every interaction and is rooted in truth, honesty, and transparency. Your success is our success.