Be Your Own CFO!

You wear all the hats; it’s the life of many business owners. There are parts of the business that are less fun (and scary) than others, and for many, accounting is one of them. The fear of not knowing what you don’t know is stressful, can be very expensive, and leaves many business owners up at night. If this sounds familiar, this course is for you!
While we always encourage small business owners to get fractional CFO support (revenue strategy, cash flow analysis, and cost control), some business owners prefer to understand it before giving it away. We designed this course just for you.

This course is self-paced with short videos to help you absorb content in your own time. In addition, you will schedule two private 1:1 calls with us to ensure you understand the material and ask any questions you have specific to your business.

Two Sense Is Here To Help You Make Sense of Accounting

be your own CFO

Your CFO Course Includes:

01. Business Basics

Learn how to set up your legal business entity, cash or accrual basis, business banking tips, and how to track your business expenses properly.

02. Picking Your Accounting Software

Learn what the best accounting software is for you and learn how to properly set up your Chart of Accounts.

03. Financial Reporting

Learn how to crate and read your Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, Statement of Cash Flow, and Aging Reports to plan for your future growth.

Mid Course 1:1 Call

Join a one on one call with the instructors to ask specific questions to your business and ensure proper understanding of the material covered.

04. Money In

See how to manage contracts with clients, how to invoice them, collect payment and how to manage collection issues with past due items.

05. Overhead

Understand types of Overhead costs, which you need, can live without and how to find the best resources in legal, marketing, Human Resources and more.

05. Money Out

Learn the difference between Retail & Wholesale purchases, 1099 vs. W2 employees, and learn the most advantageous way to pay yourself out as an owner.

Final 1:1 Call

Wrap up all the modules, ask final questions and understand next steps to grow your business.
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Meet your instructors

We’re Melissa and Liann! Together we are Two Sense Consulting, a financial consulting firm dedicated to helping SMB’s focus less on the accounting and financials and more on their purpose and passion.

The pandemic showed us the need for simple financial education, specifically for small business owners who were hungry to fix their finances but weren’t at the stage to hire a Director of Finance or CFO.

We’re passionate about helping you understand the past and the present so that you can focus on the future!

See you on the inside!
– Melissa & Liann


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