Fractional CFO Services

Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Director of Finance, Financial Controller – this is what you are missing. Having a business consultant dedicated to your company’s financial health is the missing ingredient to take you to the next level. As your CFO, we will support making sound business decisions, interpreting your financial statements, and building forecasts to build your company. At Two Sense Consulting, we have been working remotely, connecting companies worldwide for more than ten years. We connect with our clients via video tools to provide financial insight. With a financial expert, you will navigate your business more confidently and earn back time to spend doing what you love in a much more convenient and affordable way.


Partners With a Plan

Two Sense offers a unique touch driven by industry experts with best-in-class client satisfaction and engagement. With a culture submerged in connection and authenticity that is difficult to find, our people-centric CFO service will help you thrive. At Two Sense Consulting, we want to learn what makes you unique and align them with your financials. These two components are crucial to articulate your financial story.

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Fractional CFO FAQ's

My Accounting Software Provides Similar Support, Right?

No, not even close. Most accounting software provides financial reports that every business owner should review, but they can be hard to prepare. Unfortunately, your accounting software does not identify errors, interpret your finances, or ensure your fiscal fitness. Tony Robins cites that less than 3% of business owners review their financial statements – this may account for why 50% of new businesses fail.
As you grow your business and change with the market, your software will lack the financial insight to support these changes. Business is an evolution, and while technology helps support the efficiency of the process and the virtual connection, nothing can replace human connection, ideas, and experience.

Is a Fractional or Full Time CFO the Right Choice For My Business??

According to Investopedia, a full-time CFO will cost between $200-$370k. Fractional CFOs offer multiple industry experiences to provide cross-functional support and ideas for best-in-class insights. Additionally, technology is advancing faster than reading this web page, making the need for full-time work less and less optimal. A fractional CFO is a simple decision as you can control the time needed and modify it as needed. You will also benefit from the decades of expertise and expansive network of Two Sense Consulting.

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