Melissa and Lianne are great! They’re so knowledgeable, helpful, friendly, and accessible. They have helped me organize and better understand the business side of my business. I’m thankful for them, 5 stars!

Rachel M.

We have benefited not only from Melissa and Liann’s unequivocal expertise, but also from their creative approach to every project. You can always count on them to deliver the highest standards of work that far exceeds your expectations.

Antoine B.

Working with Two Sense Consulting has been wonderful for my photography business! They helped me get set up in Quick Books where I can manage my business bank account as well as send invoices out to my clients. I’ve been able to streamline so much with their help!

Priscilla M.

Two Sense Consulting is the only firm I would recommend for all business needs. Originally, Melissa was one of our clients which then led to her firm taking over our accounting. Not only did she relieve the stress but also promotes our company. We receive above and beyond service.

Michael C.

I can’t give enough praise for Two Sense Consulting. Melissa and Liann are amazing to work with and exhibit professionalism and attention to detail to the core. They always seem to be one step ahead of us and have great suggestions every step of the way.

Jake H.