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My name is Melissa Leon. I am your host of The Efficiency Bitch Podcast, Author of Efficiency Bitch (2022), and lover of all things that allow me to live a Bold, and Balanced life!

While Two Sense Consulting specializes in Time and Money for a small business, it is owned and operated by two busy women.  Efficiency Bitch is designed for you, the busy wife, mother, businesswoman, or entrepreneur. We understand that to be efficient at work, you must also be efficient in your personal life – and vice versa. 

Efficiency Bitch teaches how to manage your family’s social schedule, laundry, meal prep, and self-care alongside conference calls, customer complaints, and employee management. Learning systems like time blocking, scheduling, and planning ahead are great tools but they don’t change the fundamental processing of the way you look at your tasks. Please keep reading to learn more about how we can help. 

What exactly is an efficiency B?

Simply put, Efficiency Bitch is time and money management expertise provided by Two Sense Consulting to the woman, not just her business. We know you are more than your job title, more than you have built. We know that managing your business means sacrifice in your personal life. Two Sense is owned and operated by two women who are mothers of little children, and wives of professional men. We know the demands of two careers, family chores, and all that intercepts. With EB, we offer time and money expertise to female business owners to enhance the personal side of the business advice given by our CFO services

Melissa hosts the Efficiency Bitch Podcast, inspired by her book (publish 2022), Efficiency Bitch. She first coined the term “Efficiency Bitch” in 1999, during a fight with her mom. Yep! True story – she was 18 and full of attitude. EB is now a term of endearment between her and her mom and sister. 

Melissa says, “It has become a way for us to relate, appreciate and admire one another. We each have three children, wonderful careers, and a strong sense of self. We also all have fantastic partners with whom we do life. The CFO and accounting services we offer at Two Sense are my passion. The book and the podcast, are ways to celebrate the amazing women I call EB and the men who stand beside us.”

The goal of Efficiency Bitch: to do the RIGHT things – not ALL the things. 

Think of it like this: Two Sense builds a time and money strategy for your business. Efficiency Bitch brings in concepts and techniques to help manage the time and money in your personal life. Same idea, different angle. Same women (us)! The same passion for efficiency in time, money, and energy.

Over the years, We have developed a definition of what being an EB means.

An Efficiency Bitch is a strong woman who is influential in her pursuit to achieve her dreams. She strives for maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense. She is bold yet balanced as she navigates her career, passions, motherhood, and relationships.

Where to Listen:

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The EB Mission

I am on a mission to redefine feminism.
See, over the years, the word “feminist” has become synonymous with “man-hater” and, in many cases, with the word “bitch”. Instead, I believe our sons and daughters deserve a generation of parents who stand side by side, working together to make the family unit thrive. I invite you to join me in celebrating how far we have come but acknowledge just how far we still have to go…..together. Women have opportunities today that previous generations did not have. We must continue to evolve and modify the expectations inside and outside of the home of what a “woman’s role is”. We can share the stage with our partners and be proud of it.

melissa leon efficiency bitch podcastChange is the only thing that is constant but in today’s world, it seems to move faster than ever before. In one decade (2010-2020), we have witnessed:

  • the legalizing of same-sex marriages
  • a global pandemic 
  • the first African American male President
  • the first African/ Indian American FEMALE Vice President 
  • a US Capital insurrection
  • the #metoo movement 
  • the global climate change agreement
  • the rise of the “share economy” (Uber, Airbnb, etc)
  • and …..the invention of the iPad

Except, none of this represents “change” to our children. This is just the way it is – it is our responsibility as their parents to learn to navigate the current and future world to prepare them for more change. 

No longer do women have to juggle the home, children, health, and a career alone. We invite men to join the conversation and join in the quest for true equality. 

We will explore ways to eliminate the things we do not need, automate the things we can, and learn to delegate the rest. 

I am an Efficiency Bitch. 

Want to B on the show?

If you spend your time, money, and on doing the RIGHT things, I’d love to hear your story!

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It’s 5:00 am Tuesday morning. You are up before the sun, coffee in hand, driving to the local spin class. You return home as your house is waking up. You jump in the shower, one kid with you. The other two kids eat breakfast as your partner packs school lunches. You have to work today, 8 am to 5 pm, and then do some work for your “side hustle” on your lunch break and tonight. Kid one says they don’t feel good and cries to stay home from school. Kid two complains about their history test tomorrow and insists you help them study before they fail. Kid three wet the bed (hence the co-shower. Your son has a baseball game tonight. Ugh! But where is his jersey? There are three loads of clean laundry to be folded – hopefully, it’s in there. His game is at 6:00 pm, so if you time it right, you can get to a drive-thru, feed all three and help your daughter study for her test between innings. You give your oldest some Tylenol and send them to school, praying you don’t get a mid-day phone call. You pick up the kids from after-school care and head to the game. Your middle child reminds you that you still need the two dozen cupcakes for the class party tomorrow. Oh, she has a spelling test the next day. Your partner arrives at the game in the 2nd inning.  Just as you pull into the garage, your phone rings. It’s an upset customer from your side business. As you talk to them, you realize you didn’t have time to put your son’s sheet in the dryer and now have to convince him how fun a sleeping bag will be tonight (cue to temper tantrum). The dog is excited to see you and greets you by peeing on the floor and finding he’s torn apart the garbage can for the 3rd time this week. You hang up with your customer, clean the dog pee, fight the kids to get ready for bed, feed the dog, and start the dishes as your partner walks in….what happens next?

Are you looking for a fun, engaging, and uplifting guest or keynote speaker for your next event? I love to offer my advice, expertise, and stories of how and where to find efficiency in this busy little place we call life. I bring real-life examples, humor, and practical advice for working parents and business owners – or those who want to be one.

As a mom of three, business owner, and corporate executive, I have seen and done it all. I know how to juggle all the balls, including the glass ones and even those that don’t belong to me. I’m here to share my best strategies for running a profitable business, being a great wife and mother, and an outstanding employee. You can HAVE it all, but you don’t have to DO it all.
My coaching services and talks are tailored to your needs with a strong connection to women between ages 20-45. Email [email protected] and we can work out the details.